5"- 6" Abalone Shell incense burner with stand

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Useful for burning cone or resin incense, as a receptacle for smudge sticks, holder for crystals or trinkets, decoration, etc. These abalone shells are all natural and come in their own, sizes shapes, markings, colors, perfections and imperfection, one of Natures natural beauties.


Compassion · Love · Dreams

Great for: calming and soothing emotions and stress, gentle protection and auric shielding, for aligning with purity, for soft strength, harmony in relationships, empathy, communication, cooperation, balanced give-and-take and understanding, for intuition, inner beauty, healing and wisdom that comes through all life experiences - even trauma,  for enhancing intuition, dreams, spiritual connection and connection to the ocean and ocean life, for connecting to the Mother archetype.

Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may enhance sensory perception, may support the nervous system, skeletal system and bones, absorption of Vitamins D & A, digestion, muscle and tissue, fertility, allergies, skin, fluid retention and swelling, fertility, and childbirth.

Chakras: Heart (4th), Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th) & Crown (7th).

For our guide (free) on How To Work With Crystals, click HERE.

All crystal batches are limited edition due to varying nature of stock. Each crystal has a natural variation in color, shape and opacity. Price is per piece.

DISCLAIMER: The properties listed here are energetic and metaphysical. We’ve included some physical ailments and mental health conditions that some crystals are rumored to be helpful for. We are not making any claims about the healing effects of any of our crystals, and we are not able to guarantee any results when working with crystals. Information compiled here must NOT be taken as medical advice, or substituted for it in any way. If you have a physical ailment or mental health concern, definitely consult your doctor and/or a mental health professional.

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