A Balancing ACT: The Development of Energize!, a Holistic Approach to Acting Paperback

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This book presents acting as a mind, body and spirit practice and actors as emotional athletes, spiritual stuntmen and stuntwomen exposed to a constant roller coaster of emotions.

Going beyond where Michael Chekhov left off, it offers new acting techniques using discoveries from holistic and energy healing modalities. Answering an urgent -yet never addressed-need, this book offers invaluable tools to heal post-performance stress disorder and cutting edge information about recovering your Highest Creative Self, the essence of your character, and true emotional balance.

Lisa Dalton, Co-founder, International Michael Chekhov Association, Award-Winning Actor/Producer/Director and Co-founder and Certifying Board, National Michael Chekhov Association wrote the Foreword. She says: "It is rare to find a subject that urgently needs to be discussed and about which too little is written. The need to train the entire being of the performing artist is just such a subject. Emmanuelle Chaulet's A Balancing Act is a godsend to performing artists of any sort. Knowing how to Energize allows us to endure and even thrive during the rise and fall, the constant state of transformation, the juggling of feelings, styles, jobs, and colleagues while maintaining an even keel."

"Truly some of the freshest and most innovative 21st century contributions to the art of acting." says Mel Shrawder NYC AEA/SAG actor, Former Head of Performance, University of Miami, and faculty at the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio in NYC.

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