Awaken The Chakras: Reiki Activated Meditation Journey with Caitlin Benya

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NOTE: This meditation is awesome AND has slightly lower audio quality. It's still so wonderful and we didn't want people to miss out so we're offering it here at a reduced rate. Enjoy!

This is a digital download. You will receive both a video and audio version for your convenience.


50 min.

Caitlin will lead you through the seven chakras in a relaxing guided visualization. She will be using intuitive insights, intentional breath, and Reiki throughout the experience, as tools to ground, clear, and activate each energy center 🧘‍♀️ Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy that balances the chakras and promotes full body relaxation, and was sent across time and space during this session to all who will find this meditation at any future point in time or space!

NOTE: This is not a physical product. This is not a ticket to a live event. This is a digital download of a pre-recorded meditation.



Caitlin is a Pisces and has been naturally intuitive, sensitive, and creative throughout her life. Creative expression in general has been a big part of her story. For a long time, that creative energy was channeled exclusively into performance and music: acting, singing, playing musical instruments, poetry, spoken word. She has appeared in numerous film/television projects, commercials, and plays. Being no stranger to flow and what creative flow looks like and feels like, upon discovering Reiki, it quickly became another medium for her to access and express universal, creative unconscious.

Synchronicities unfolded that guided her quickly to her Reiki Master, Chona Bernardo, whom she received Reiki I & II attunements from honoring the Usui/Holy Fire System. In addition to working one-on-one, Caitlin leads group classes and also collaborates with brands offering restorative experiences and treatments at special events. She has been featured in Voyage LA Magazine, Shoutout LA, television talk show SO Janelle, Liberate The Podcast, and I Tried It Podcast. Past partners and collaborations include Heal One World, The Better Angels, Liberate Hollywood, Alo Yoga, AllBright, The GOOD Fest LA, SoCal Wellness Summit, and Open Eye Crystals. She also participates in various volunteer initiatives, including The Better Angels at FASGI (Filipino American Services Group, Inc), offering support to the underserved. 

It brings her joy connecting to people in new ways through the dynamic world of healing arts.


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