Release & Manifest New Blessings Ritual & Altar

Whenever you feel the need to clear/release that which no longer serves you and wish to usher in big new blessings, we have a simple ritual for you here.

We suggest you plant new seeds of love, healing, manifestation and success for your future. Begin new projects and create a new consciousness. Prepare for the manifestation of your desires. At home you can create a powerful and relaxing way to support the releasing process and start for your beautiful new beginning.

Draw a bath, light a candle, write down your intentions and begin regularly imagining your beautiful dreams. Make sure you also agree and give permission to let go of all that no longer serves you to make space for the new.

Our Reiki Infused Certified Organic Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink, French Grey & Epsom Salts Sage blend is the perfect tool to help your process. Our essential frankincense and rosemary or lavender oils. Light a candle and burn our copal incense. Relax into the space giving thanks to all that served you that you are saying goodbye to and thanking all that is now coming in that you desire.  If you do not have access to a bath you can add the essential oils to your own organic salt body scrub, shampoo and conditioner. Lighting the candle and burning the copal incense as you shower. 

Sage Bath Salt


We find it powerful to create a small altar somewhere in your bedroom, workspace, kitchen or living area with candles, crystals and any objects which bring you peace, love and joy. Some add images of their loved ones, vision boards, teachers, or things they desire and places they wish to travel too. Items you have found like rocks, sticks, shells, or whatever you love, even a stuffed animal all are perfect additions to your alter where you can see it daily to remind yourself of all the intentions you have set forth and all you are grateful for.

If you would like support in removing any blocks that are keeping you from stepping into your full power, our practitioners can offer you a one hour energy healing remotely from anywhere in the world you might be located. Our Hollywood and Los Feliz locations also offer healings in person. 

At Liberate our goal is to assist you in your growth and personal transformation. Blessings to you All!

With Love,

The Liberate Emporium & Liberate Hollywood Team

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