Having an altar is a way, and a reminder, to connect to your sacred self on a daily basis.

“That which is placed on the altar is altered.” ~Marianne Williamson

Altars have been used since the beginning of humanity and represent your own sacred space and beliefs. They can evoke creativity, manifestation and release, as well as honoring those you love, things you love and places you love.

They can be used to aid in your attunement and you can create them as large or as small and as private or as public as you wish. 

The best is you get to decide what makes your altar yours and also determine what makes any item sacred. ANYTHING that brings you joy, peace, love, or inspiration is perfect. Most people add items that represent earth, water, fire, and air elements as well a space - known as the five elements. Many also use items that reflect your main senses such as taste, smell, sight, and sound. 

Often if you have deities, religion or cultural representatives that resonate with you it would be nice to have a little statue or image of that too. Quan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess of compassion and Ganesha, the remover of obstacles are favorites of many. Of course none of these are needed if they do not inspire you.

Some prefer mala or rosary beads to rest on their altar when they are not in use which keeps their energy sacred. Many like sacred geometric shapes or symbols, cards or oracle decks, small or large pieces of crystals, sacred text like the Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras or A Course in Miracles, even writings of people you admire.  

Keeping a journal with your altar is a great way to give it sacred energy and respect when not in use. Photographs of those who inspire you or that you love can help evoke a state of oneness.

Use your altar by setting your intention and using it for mediation, chanting,  singing, or praying. Each time you walk by your altar it will remind you to receive some of its energy and give to it as well. Keeping yourself connected and grounded to your highest self. 

We have chosen a few items here that can help you build your sacred space and also offer practitioners who can work remotely or in person to assist should you feel the call for support.


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