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Also, here's a video on How To Cleanse Your Crystals with one of our longtime practitioners Jerome Ali. When we wear our crystals, it's good to cleanse them from time to time so their healing vibrations stay strong and clear!



How Do Crystals Work?

If you put 100 metronomes in a room together all ticking at different speeds, within a very short period of time they will all start ticking at the same tempo. This is the phenomenon of Entrainment. It is defined as 'the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles.' Energy fields influence each other, as we're sure you've experienced! 

Each crystal has a unique vibration and healing properties. When we hold or wear the crystal on our person, our energy field begins to entrain with the energy field of the crystal. We can't say it any better than the infamous Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible: 

"Through resonance and entrainment, crystals can restore equilibrium to us... A subtle electromagnetic current passes between a crystal and a person whether or not they are in physical contact. What links and activates them is, I believe, consciousness and intention."

What she said.

We'll give you some of the core properties of each gem, but we recommend choosing the ones you're drawn to. Intuition, baby. You always know.

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