Hand-rolled natural resin and pure essential oils to support your Inner Magic.

Light for Connection To Spirit, Tranquility, Purification and Aromatherapy.

Just like music, a beautiful scent can romanticize mundane life and elevate your emotional state, serving as a buffer for the "real" world. Want to transform your emotional state instantly? We've got you. We've burned a lot of incense in our day and these are our all-time favorites (special shoutout to Rose, which you have to smell to believe). Since each stick is handcrafted from pure natural resin, they take about 45 minutes to burn all the way down - which means they go a long way.

Sense of smell is perhaps the most mystical of the 5 physical senses, activating memories long forgotten and conjuring magical feelings and visions ... it's no wonder incense has been used since ancient times as a powerful tool for connecting with Spirit.

Which sacred scent evokes the feeling of Spirit for you and connects you most deeply with your heart? Whatever your preference, our natural incense & resin will assist you in shifting energy and connecting with the Mystical and Sacred.


// no animal testing

// defend human rights

// protect our planet

// please recycle

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