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Vibrational medicine to support your crystal healing journey! Each of these beautiful and popular crystals are mainstays in crystal healing work. Though  foundational, they remain go-to stones for even the most advanced energy workers. This set of crystal classics covers all the major bases and is the perfect starting point to begin your healing and magic.

For our guide on How To Work With Crystals, click HERE (it's free).

All collections are limited edition. Each crystal has a natural variation in color and opacity. 

ROSE QUARTZ: The Love Stone · Affection · Unconditional Love · Bonding · The most classic love stone. Great for: unconditional love of all kinds - self-love, romance and relationships, friendship and family, community and universal love; empathy, compassion and forgiveness, softening and warming of the heart, harmony, trust, sweetness, grace; balance of giving and receiving. In addition to being a go-to stone for romantic connection and relationships, Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

AMETHYST: Stone of Tranquility · Spirituality · Protection · Sobriety · The name Amethyst comes from the Greek ametusthos, which means “not intoxicated.”. Great for: guarding against overindulgence or drunkenness, spiritual opening and meditation, divine love and connection, spiritual endeavors, clairvoyance and intuition, dreamwork, restful sleep, calming and dissipating anxiety, guilt, fear, irritability, anger, rage and mental distress, for tranquility, calm and peace, cultivating mindfulness, gentle mental focus and clarity, sharpening memory, healing emotional pain, protection from psychic attack, gently and powerfully cleansing and purifying the aura and energy field, imparting a character of nobility,  Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid physical pain, releasing of tension from the body, detoxification from substance abuse, cleansing of the blood, recovery from addiction, sobriety, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, insomnia and night terrors, migraines and headaches, hormonal production and balanced endocrine system, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system and metabolism, healing from cancer, cellular renewal and regeneration, swelling, inflammation and related illnesses, skin health.

CITRINE: Stone of Financial Flow · Creativity · Abundance · Success · Great for: prosperity, financial success in business endeavors, overcoming limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness and blockages around money, for empowerment, optimism, courage, personal will, enthusiasm, for artists and for supporting highly creative and imaginative energy, self worth, aligning with feelings of happiness and joy, promoting generosity, warmth of character, vitality and recharging of energy, motivation, generating success through creative flow and confident action as well as magnetic joy, manifestation, for connecting with solar energy, self-expression, clearing heaviness and negative energy, releasing fear and self-destructive behavior, awakening to and honoring our own boundaries, emotional balance, enhancing intuition and courage to explore and express talents. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid physical vitality, chronic fatigue syndrome, overcoming depression, anxiety and phobias, chemical imbalances, digestion, metabolism, stomach, spleen, pancreas, detoxification, bladder and kidney health, allergies, chemical and food intolerances, endocrine system, balancing of thymus gland, thyroid and hormones, may aid degeneration, diabetes, digestive system, circulatory system, menstrual cycles, hot flashes and menopause symptoms, eyes health, nausea, stomach upset and morning sickness.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Stone of Clarity · Cleansing · Clarity · Amplification · Known as a Master Healer stone. Great for: clearing negative and stagnant energy on a soul level, transmitting white light containing all energies on the color spectrum, balancing the chakras, strengthening and conducting spiritual and healing energy, strengthening and amplifying the energy of anything it's paired with, programming with intention, mental clarity, enhancing receptivity of energy and processing of information, enhancing focus, memory, perception, intuition, clairvoyance and receiving divine guidance, telepathy, transmuting electromagnetic smog and radiation. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Heath Properties: Everything.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Stone of Stability. Neutralizing · Power · Grounding · Great for: grounding and steadying into the body and mother earth, neutralizing and gently dissolving negative energy, electromagnetic smog and radiation, for dispelling nightmares, relief from sorrow, depression, exhaustion and despair, for releasing anger, resentment and the old story, for mental balance and acceptance of life’s ups and downs, for energetic protection, promoting uplifting thoughts and practical action, empowerment, grounding and supporting physicality and life in the physical world, survival instincts and skills. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in healing anxiety, depression, headaches, muscle tension, easing chronic physical pain, maid aid detoxification and elimination as well as fluid absorption and assimilation of nutrients and minerals, may aid lungs, kidneys, intestines, adrenals, pancreas, reproductive and nervous systems, abdominal and hip health.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Stone of Psychic Protection · Cleansing · Grounding · Protection · Black Tourmaline absorbs energy easily and must be cleansed regularly. It can also hold an electrical charge when you heat or rub it. Great for: empaths and sensitives, auric shielding, protection from psychic attack and energy vampires, protection from electromagnetic smog and radiation, for purification, clearing, cleansing, absorbing and neutralizing negative energy, entities, thoughtforms and energy blockages, for steadying, grounding and feeling safe, for releasing fear, anger, rage and feelings of powerlessness, for releasing negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, especially unworthiness, for calming scattered energy, supporting logic and rational thinking, lifting mood, self-empowerment. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in calming anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks, overcoming phobias, easing depression, self-harming, obsessive thoughts and compulsions, may aid dyslexia, detoxification from heavy metals, poisons and environmental toxins, overcoming addiction and substance abuse, may aid weight loss, bloating and inflammation, boosting immune system, hemispheric brain balance, lung health, spinal health and alignment, muscles and tissue regeneration, healing scars, arthritis, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal health and elimination disorders.

SELENITE: Stone of Peace. Clearing · Grounding · Calming · Selenite is named for Selene, the Greek Lunar Goddess. Selenite never needs cleansing but does benefit from charging in the moonlight. *Never put Selenite in water, it will break down. Great for: all lunar and divine feminine workings, meditation and energy healing work, for gently and powerfully clearing the aura, spaces and objects and cleansing and charging other stones; gracefully grounding and calming one's energy, for forgiveness, for aiding sleep, increasing intuition, clarity, judgment, insight and honesty, anchoring the light body, connecting with angels, spirit guides and higher realms. Selenite is a highly protective stone and a go-to for protective gridding of spaces. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: May aid sleep, anxiety and panic attacks, cleansing the mind of worry and negative thoughts. May support skeletal and especially spinal health, detoxing from heavy metal poisoning, skin health and youthfulness, healing from light sensitivity, epilepsy and seizure disorders, and cancer. 


DISCLAIMER: The properties listed here are energetic and metaphysical. We’ve included some physical ailments and mental health conditions that some crystals are rumored to be helpful for. We are not able to guarantee any results when working with crystals, and information compiled here must NOT be taken as medical advice, or substituted for it. If you have a physical ailment or mental health concern, definitely consult your doctor and/or a mental health professional.

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