Wesak Full Moon Meditation & Energy Healing with Lili Reyes

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56 min.

Guided by Lili Reyes and backed by many additional Liberate healers, this meditation was channeled and recorded live in May 2020. All healing sent forth in this meditation was intended to reach those finding this meditation at any point in time and space. 

To Buddhists and many energy healers, the Wesak Full Moon (known to most as the Scorpio Full Moon) is considered the most powerful full moon of the year. Buddha's spirit literally descends back into the earth's plane for 8 minutes on the peak of the full moon and blesses humanity. It's a charged and advantageous time to bless the earth, each other, ourselves and our projects. Meditating on this full moon is said to be equivalent to meditating for 3 months straight! You'll personally receive an energy healing in this meditation as well as contribute to the global energy healing by sending love and good will.



Lili’s sweet, caring, and loving demeanor can get even the shyest client to heal and the most negative energy or entity to return back to the light. As a child she was aware of her connection to God and her Higher Guides and used their support and guidance to imprint her life with happiness and wish fulfillment. As she got older and strayed away from her connection she realized her life was no longer happy, things always went wrong, and she could no longer manifest her desires. These troubled years led her on a journey back toward her birthright of spirituality and connection with God.

This journey included receiving healings from different modalities and spiritual paths. Her gifts were renewing and her happiness restoring, but it wasn’t until she found Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga that she found her life propelling at a speed she had never imagined.

Lili’s desire is to assist as many people as she can reach their life’s fulfillment by the ancient art and science techniques of Pranic Healing; a no-touch healing modality that harnesses life force energy (“chi,” “prana”) to heal physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Remove traumas, phobias, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, the list goes on. When we understand that everything is energy and that energy can be shifted and changed, we can ultimately shift and change our lives. For Lili, Pranic Healing is a Godsend and she witnesses miracles of small and large everyday applying these ancient techniques.

Lili is available for individual Pranic Healing sessions as well as clairvoyant readings. Book here.

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