Programming your crystals

Your crystals are here for you. They posses a level of consciousness. They’re absorbent of your desires, thoughts, and energy. As a creator and conscious being, you can empower your crystals to truly work specifically for your intentions and desires.

Starting by becoming energetically situated will provide the best results. Breathe, and relax! Clear your vibration by going into your heart. Visualize a bright glow among you, and call upon your team of spiritual guides to elevate your vibration.

Ignore the past and the future, simply be present in this very moment. Open your heart, and surround yourself entirely with vibrant white light, aligning from your crown and illuminating through all the chakras.  Pass this light from your hands to your crystal with devotion and intention, and enjoy this state of shared energy.

“It is my intention that you hold a high vibration to support me in creating and maintaining my highest vibrational light. Elevate me in radiant health, wellbeing, physical vitality and awakened spirituality. Aid me in having a clear mind, bright spirit, and optimal physical health. Help me to maintain the highest vibration of my mind, body and spirit. I ask this according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is."

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