Cleansing your crystals

Crystals are geometric expressions of spirituality made in the likeness of the divine. Every crystal is as unique as it’s individual light frequency. Their presence in your dwellings offer robust healing and spiritual progression. Everybody can benefit from crystal healing. It’s as easy as it is powerful!

Because crystals blend with the energy of their environment, they easily absorb negativity while working to transmit positive light.  Don’t worry, cleansing them is a cinch, and even more powerful when done with intention!


Surround Your Crystal with Divine Light

As you visualize divine light all around you, let your awareness shift inward and remove thoughts of all that is external. Avoid thoughts of past or future, and strictly exist in this present moment. Remove focus on your physical body. Elevate yourself to tap into your inner state of being to breathe and surround your being with light.

 Salt Water: Soak your crystals in a salt bath. (Not malachite, lapis, selenite, or turquoise)

Moonlight: Place your crystals outside under the light of the Full Moon to cleanse and recharge.

Sunshine: Place your crystals outside in the direct sunlight. Avoid over exposure, as crystals can bleach.

Incense/ White Sage: Pass your crystal through the smoke of white sage to energetically cleanse and release the negative vibrations. White sage, sandalwood, or copal are recommended.

Running Water: Hold your crystal in the flow of purified water to cleanse and energize their vibration.  If possible pass under the water of a natural stream or river. (Be careful ,selenite or raw malachite dissolve when exposed to water.)

Sound Healing: Playing singing bowls, ringing brass bells, and tingshas while drumming with the intention effectively cleanses and charges your crystals.

The Earth: Place your crystals in the Earth by safely burying them for 12-24 hours. This will cleanse and energize the stones. Be sure you’re able to locate where you buried them. Select a place free from pesticides, fertilizer and chemicals.

White Light: Invoke the presence of white light and visualize it cleansing your crystals of any and all negativity as it charges and energizes the stones as well. Ask, and then see, sense, and imagine your crystal being cleansed with Divine white light.

Ask your Spirit Guides for help: Angels, Jesus, Spirit Guides - essentially you’re go to in thought and guidance can be called upon to help purify your crystals.

Intention: Whatever method you choose to cleanse your crystals, be sure to set the intention for cleansing to occur.

Say or think,

“I now ask that these crystals be surrounded with Divine white light. I ask that any and all negativity be purified and released into the light of the Divine with assistance from my spiritual guides. I ask that the complete power of these healing gems be mended, and that their total light and healing energy is empowered to shine. I ask this according to Divine will for ultimate good. And so it is.”


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