Setting Intentions for your Crystals

Setting intentions while cleansing and or programing your crystals is the most powerful and specific way to benefit from their metaphysical properties.

Customize your intentions to best support your mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Always be sure to set the most positive intentions, and specify these intentions towards the crystal’s natural properties for best results.



May I be a transparent channel for love and light.


May I remember my truth, my nature.


May I be purified from all of loveless energy,


May I receive messages of the highest truth and kindness.


May I release resistance, and be willing to let go of my pain.


May I learn from love, and be open to see love in all existence.


May my mind, body, and soul be blessed by the divine.


May I be guided by my highest self.


May I sustain health. May I be happy and free of discomfort and pain.


May i trust my journey of healing.



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